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Here’s The Best Thing About Having A Local Fuckbuddy

April 30, 2018 • admin


Hookup culture has become commonplace in today’s society. Long gone are the days when couples would meet in their teens and stay together until adulthood. Instead, many people maintain a revolving door of sexual partners and then only progress to a relationship once they’re positive they’ve met the right person.

It might seem a little seedy, but this is in fact a very healthy way to approach sexual relations. Relationships can sometimes weight heavily on the heart and on the mind, so rushing into them is never a good idea.

This is why many people opt to go the fuckbuddy route before making any solid decisions. It just happens that having a local fuckbuddy has a tonne of advantages that a relationship doesn’t, so it’s not hard to see why a lot of people actually prefer fuckbuddies to long-term partners.

With that in mind, the greatest advantage to have a local fuckbuddy can all be boiled down to one thing:

The complete lack of pressure.

Think about when you begin a relationship with someone. There are constant responsibilities and expectations hanging over your head. You’re expected to text them regularly, they sometimes want you to blow off your friends for them, and you need to see them at least several times a week.

Sounds pretty exhausting already, right?

Sure it does, and that’s just the surface. There’s also the constant expectation of the relationship to grow and flourish. You’re expected to introduce your boyfriend/girlfriend to your friends and your parents, and you’re even supposed to spend time with them doing the things they love but you probably hate.

So when it comes to fuckbuddies, absolutely none of the above is necessary. Hell, there’s only thing your fuckbuddy is for – and that’s sex.

You don’t have to spend time with them when you don’t want, you don’t have to introduce them to your friends (they don’t even have to know your fuck buddy exists!) and you don’t have to go ice skating with them or take their mother to the doctors.

One of the worst things about relationships is all of the added emotional baggage that comes with them. You can sometimes feel pangs of jealousy or dejection if your partner does something you don’t approve of, or vice versa. This can usually lead to hot-tempered arguments which result in you not speaking for several days.

However, a local fuckbuddy completely sidesteps this issue because you’ve both committed to a complete lack of emotional connection. When you meet up with your fuck buddy, you instinctively leave your emotions at the door. Both you and they can do whatever you like outside of your time together, and there are no feelings of jealousy or anything else.

Having a local fuckbuddy is all about convenience. You both want sex, and neither of you want the routine hassles that come with being part of a relationship. If you’re looking to have some fun with someone who shares the same desires for sex as you, a local fuckbuddy might be exactly what you need.

7 Keys to Effective Affiliate Marketing

June 14, 2017 • admin

When jumping into affiliate marketing there are a couple key things you need to keep in mind. Sure you can understand all the logistics, but you need to make sure you don’t get lazy and forget about checking these boxes. Lucky for you, I made a short list of things you should always be keeping in mind. Here are the 7 keys to affiliate marketing:
1.  Headlines over content
If you don’t already know how important headlines are, you’re doing something wrong. You should spend a big chuck of your time making sure that your headlines are as perfect as they can be. They need to be clickable, rankable, and eye-catching.
I recommend spending at least 10-15 minutes on thinking about how you can make your headline(s) better.
2.  Content over links
You shouldn’t be writing content with the goal of getting particular links and key words in there. Google has changed their algorithm to where key words don’t matter as much.
So, when you’re writing, write for content. And as you’re writing, think about what links you want to insert in there. Because believe me, google will notice if there are links missing.
3.  Promote products you actually use
This is super important. If you are promoting something you have little to know experience with, consumers are going to either a) smell the B.S. from a mile away or b) know you’re lying as soon as they download/buy. Either way you lose the market’s trust.
Be honest about what you’re using because you don’t want to see traffic slow down because you’re a liar.
4.  Call to action
A call to action is something that often gets forgotten about. At the end, or even throughout, your article you need to have a call to action. This gets the reader thinking about what they ought to do right after reading through your work.
Make sure your call to action is clear, repetitive (if it needs to be), and direct. Provide your readers with links to make it even easier for them to click through.
5.  Optimize for mobile
You need to be thinking about mobile if you want to succeed. If your site doesn’t look good on a phone screen you are doing something very, very wrong.
Make sure that your site is optimized for mobile because let’s face it, more people are browsing online via phone than ever before and that number is going to continue to increase.
6.  Be aware of what’s in season
Just like fashion, searches are seasonal. Be cautious of the holidays, the weather, and what people might be searching for throughout the year.
For instance, you may want to blog about the holidays during the end of the year. During allergy season throw in an article relating to how pollen is evil.
Understand that people don’t search for Christmas gift ideas in July and capitalize on keywords when they’re back in season.
7.  Promote Brick and Mortar 
You shouldn’t only be promoting online stores! If you have a blog with a large local following try to reach out to the strictly brick and mortar stores in the area.
Promoting them will draw a local audience and build strong, local relationships.

If you’re looking for more tips to be an effective affiliate marketer – or even if you want to become a super affiliate then check out the #1 adult dating affiliate network

How Google’s IMG Compression Shrinks by 35

April 10, 2017 • admin

If you’re in the business of image transfer and storage or if you just have a website with some high-quality photos that take forever to load, listen up because Google might just have what you need.

Google continues to have the answer to literally everything. They have recently announced a method of data compression that maintains maximum image quality while reducing the size of the file significantly. This method is fairly new when it comes to jpeg compression, and while it is still lossy compression, you’re losing a whole lot less than if you use a different method.

The question that remains is how Google managed to achieve this. The short answer is that Google can essentially do everything you can possibly think of given the right amount of time. The more accurate answer is a little longer. Here’s how Google manages to be number one when it comes to jpeg compression:

* Firstly, let me explain how exactly jpeg image compression works. This method exploits flaws in human vision by removing color and detail that we cannot or have trouble detecting.

This method converts a photo from RGB to a different color space called YCbCr. Y has everything to do with brightness, which is what humans detect the most and it goes largely untouched by compression. Cb and Cr are targeted by compression as they contain color that humans wouldn’t notice if it went missing.

The method breaks the photos up into 8×8 groups of pixels and determines which color information is important and deletes what can go without being detected.

* Google’s method is not very much different. The change comes in the last part of the process where the color information is discarded.

The program, nicknamed Guetzil which is German for cookie, eliminates color information in a very meticulous way so that it allow the image to resize without compromising the overall quality. The way it does this is by eliminating extra colors that the human eye can’t discern from one another.

* The most important feature of this kind of compression is how the image doesn’t need to be changed for it to be compatible with multiple browsers.

Usually when you compress an image the format changes so that browsers read it differently which causes problems when you’re putting this image on say a website.

This takes out an extra step in your image compression process and allows for your site to look great across all platforms without compromising quality for an oversized file that takes forever to load.

Google knows how important it is for the web to be fast. It makes sense why they would develop this different kind of compression process. In all Guetizil is the best option for your image compression needs.

You get to have an image that doesn’t look like it went through a lossy compression process at all and that is compatable across all browsers. Basically Google is god, especially when it comes to the web.

Check out the video below for more about this!